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The City

thecity120Welcome to The City!

At CLC, we desire to help believers to grow into mature disciples of Christ and to connect with one another in healthy relationships.

The City will provide a group-oriented tool to help build that community, allow continuous communication among ministry teams, and equip you to better serve Jesus and the family at CLC.

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Why is it called The City?

The name, The City, comes from the Bible's book of Matthew, where Jesus tells his followers, "You  are the light of the world.  A city on a hill cannot be hidden" (Matthew 5:14).

So it's not just a catchy name; it's a reminder of who God's people are and what we are to do.


Why join The City?

The people and groups in The City are the people and groups who make up our church.

Every part of The City is designed to lead our church into deeper community with tools that build connection and encourage growth as we share the light of Jesus with each other and the world.


What is there to do in The City?

Plenty!  After you customize your personal settings and account privacy, you can begin connecting with other people, begin joining groups and then dive deeper to explore The City yourself!


Need a login?

Come by Connect Central after any service! Any team member with an orange lanyard can assist you.

Or, if you are already in a Discipleship Class or Life Group, your leader can email you a City Invite at any time.

To request an account online, visit The City Kiosk.

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