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January 12

Old Testament

Genesis 23:1-24:67: Notice the favor that Abraham received from the people of that land to have a place to bury Sarah. God causes favor to abound to those who belong to Him. (Psalm 5:12; Psalm 89:17; Psalm 106:4; Proverbs 11:27) Favor means excessive kindness, preferential treatment, and divine goodwill.

Thank God everyday for giving you supernatural favor in all you do! Confess that favor surrounds you like a shield, and that everywhere you go, you are blessed and highly favored!!!!!

Genesis 24:1: Notice that God had blessed Abraham in "all" things. Remember Psalm 1:1-3, Abraham's key to his blessings from God; and it is our key as well.

Genesis 24 is also an analogy of how God sent the Holy Spirit to get a bride for His son Jesus, and how He has showered us with His precious promises and blessings. Abraham sent his servant to receive a bride for Isaac.



Psalm 7:1-5



Proverbs 3:7-8: Depart and God will impart.


New Testament

Matthew 9:1-17: Matthew 9:2 declares that Jesus saw their faith; faith can be seen because of James 2:17-18.

Jesus came to seek and save those who were lost (Luke 19:10). We must have the same desire and focus.


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